What are the popular styles of houses in Southern Maryland?

The style of homes in Southern Maryland has changed in the past few years. Construction techniques and efficient insulation help homeowners to operate bigger homes with reduced utility costs than before. The cost of homes mainly depends on the cost of the land. The land prices in Southern Maryland are high, so the prices of new homes are high.

Different styles of houses are suited for different purposes. Those who don’t want to climb the steps prefer one level home, those with multiple cars prefer a house with large garage, etc. Real estate in Southern Maryland has changed drastically in the last 20 years. Over the past two decades, the land price has increased tenfold. Higher land costs lead to higher construction costs. Here are the three common styles of home that you will find in Maryland now.

The Colonial


This style of home is cost effective for a small footprint. The utility costs are low. Most homes in the real-estate market in Southern Maryland is a two-storey home with four bedrooms on the upper floor. There are 2-3 bathrooms, living room, dining room, foyer, kitchen, basement and garage fit for two to three cars.

The Rambler (Ranch)


It is the classic one level home that has been constructed for more than 100 years in Southern Maryland. Due to the increased price of the land, houses of this style are not built much. So, the resale market is very attractive for this style of homes. This type of home is popular among families with young children. These are also popular with older homeowners who don’t like to climb and down the stairs every day. The cost per square foot of Ramblers is higher than the Colonial because of huge foundation and roofing costs.

Split Foyer


When you enter the front door onto the foyer level, there will be 5-6 steps that go up to the upper level, and similar steps lead to the lower level. This style of home is popular with builders as the construction cost is low. The upper level contains three bedrooms two full baths, dining, living room, and kitchen. The lower level has recreation rooms, additional bedroom, and additional baths. There is attached garage with these homes.

So, if you are thinking of buying a house in Southern Maryland, you should choose a style according to your needs and lifestyle according to J.G. Real estate. If you have young children, then it’s better to choose the Rambler style of home, if you can afford. If you are looking for an affordable house, then you should buy Split Foyer style home. You should remember that the prices of homes are increasing day by day. So, we have to make your home purchasing decision wisely.